How to Locate & Mark Boundary Markers Before Building a Fence

A line from a famous Robert Frost poem says, "good fences make good neighbors", but it is equally true that a bad fence can make angry neighbors. That's why if you are interested in building a fence, then you should be extra cautious to locate and mark the boundary lines before starting the project. Otherwise, you may end up having to tear down and rebuild a misplaced fence, which is a costly hit to your pocketbook.

5 Tips For Spacing Your Water Wells On A Busy Farm

While the average home may only need a single well to supply all the family's water needs, a busy farm needs thousands of gallons a day in peak production. Even the deepest well in an area with plenty of ground water usually fails to provide enough water all by itself. Installing multiple wells provides more water, and it also shortens the distance between the water source and your crops or livestock.

Hit Or Miss, Flip Or Flop -- Why A Home Inspection Can Help You Avoid Purchasing A Mistake

You've finally found the house of your dreams, but there are two other people who have also fallen in love with the property. Now, you're wondering if you should make your offer for the house more attractive by purchasing it as-is and foregoing a home inspection. But don't do it. Remember, not everything in this world is what it appears as the recent unveiling of Caitlyn Jenner aka Bruce Jenner proves. At first glance, most people would think that the picture of Jenner on Vanity Fair magazine is that of a stunning, older "

7 Hot Kitchen Trends For 2015

New design trends come in every year. They're usually a mix of new colors and materials, along with new ways to utilize items in your kitchen. If you plan on remodeling soon and you like to keep up with the trends, you need to know about the hottest new kitchen trends of 2015. 1. Natural wood kitchen cabinets While most people have wooden cabinets, this new trend is a little different.

3 Tips To Ensure Your Children Don't Become Overwhelmed When Moving Home

While moving home is supposed to be a pleasant time where families look to the future and take steps to better their life, the reality is often different. Particularly if you have children, moving home can bring a number of challenges that can make the process rather arduous. As such, below are three important tips to help you cope with the difficulties faced: Coping with Stress The process of moving home can bring major stress as you aim to ensure the move goes as smoothly as possible.